Legoland Windsor Star Wars Days


Saturday 3 May 2014

Legoland Windsor Star Wars Days

pod racer legoland

This bank holiday weekend, Legoland Windsor is full of storm troopers and many other characters from Star Wars. Whilst I still haven't managed to watch one of the films all the way through yet, my boys young and old love Star Wars and there is something nice about walking round a theme park filled with enthusiasts dressed as Princess Leia and Darth Vaider. The events are usually busy so we headed to the park for 9.30. Although the park doesn't open until 10 you can go through to the beginning and there were lots of photo opportunities here.

storm troopers legoland

We then headed to the dragon roller coaster, Laiser Raiders, Scarab bouncers, squid surfer, dino safari and Atlantis. All had short queues for a busy day. You can find my top tips for peak season here.

We then headed up to Miniland. Here you can make a small part of a Lego Star Wars mosaic and book a time for Jedi training.  Miniland itself had been invaded by storm troopers.

The boys enjoyed the Jedi training, mainly because they got to swing a light sabre around. Beware lots of Star Wars jokes.

jedi training legoland

At 3o'clock the characters come together for a parade. It's just a short walk through the park with Star Wars music playing but if you have a Star Wars fan they will like it.

star wars parade legoland

There were other Star Wars themed things that we didn't have time to fit in, a 2D movie, a trail to get a star wars badge and some model building. Legoland have made improvements from last year with increased numbers of Jedi training and booking slots.

The only problem is now my boys want to fight each other with light sabres - afterall they are fully trained! May the force be with you!

ewok at legoland

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