How To Spend A Sunny Day


Saturday 24 May 2014

How To Spend A Sunny Day

"My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outside is go to the park and scoot outside and bike. I like scooting because it is good exercise. I like biking because I can ride very fast on my bike. My bike is a mountain bike and I ride it outside with Daddy.

The best thing to do is to go to the park with Daddy and my brothers. There is a wall that you can climb up on. You go down by sliding down the pole. Going down the slide is good because it is fun. I also like riding on the spring animals in the park for the same reason as the slide. Mummy you are not writing the same reason as the slide are you? I meant because it is fun. How many words is that now? Is it 250? It is quite a lot isn't it?

Aha! I know what, what about Wellington Country Park? I like going on the bouncy pillow there.

(Stops to have a giggling fit about me writing down Aha.)

And there is also a lot of slides and we have races on them.

slide race

There is also an animal farm. This year they have a new animal which is a tortoise. When we saw it, it did a poo on the table. Has it been 250 words yet? Still 50 more words! Oh there is a place where you can have birthdays and a train too. You get to wave at people on the train and you see models of animals. The man on the train says to scream as you go through the tunnel because there is crocodiles. Mummy is that enough words now? (Giggles some more.) My name is Joshua and I am six years old.

This is Joshua's entry to the MAD Blog Awards Kid Blog of the Year sponsored by Vita Coco

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