The Gallery: Easter


Wednesday 23 April 2014

The Gallery: Easter

“Why is it called Good Friday when Jesus died then?” asked big man.

 “Good question” I replied with no answer as I was thinking exactly the same.

“The Easter bunny will get frightened if I wake up when he is delivering my eggs so I must try and stay asleep. Or at least keep my eyes shut.”

Oh great. Although we had had a lovely week away and had spent the whole of Saturday afternoon and evening travelling back from Turkey, I was going to have to be the Easter rabbit and hide eggs round the boys’ bedrooms, when all I really wanted to do was have a cup of tea and go to bed.

So our Easter consisted of chocolate. Way too much of it. I have zero self control and if there is chocolate in the house, I will eat it. Our all inclusive hotel had already had a bad effect on my ever increasing waistline and now the Easter chocolate is not helping things either. It appears however, that I am not the only family member who has no self restraint when it comes to chocolate.

You would think that a Mum of 3 would not make such a rookie error, but I did.

I blame the 2 hour time difference. I went to check on the boys before going to bed and at first glance in the dark, thought that little man had been sick. Then I turned the light on to find his chocolate covered, face, bed, walls.....  I contemplated licking him clean but much to his disgust, opted for a bath. Oh well at least that’s one less egg that will be adding to my waistline.

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