The Energy Show on Tour


Wednesday 9 April 2014

The Energy Show on Tour

On Sunday we headed up to the Science Museum in London to watch the relaunch of The Energy Show. It is currently on at the Science Museum until 11th April when it starts it's tour around the country. I took big man to watch it last summer, but when I asked if he wanted to go and see it again he jumped at the chance. I had initially agreed just to take him again as there is some quite high level science in it and I was worried that middle man would be scared. However, big man had got middle man so excited about seeing it that I had to ask if I could bring him along too.

If you saw the show last year, then it is the same story with a couple of different experiments and even more Star Wars jokes. Big man whole heartily approved of this. The finale even included an experiment played to Star Wars music. There was a slight hiccup with one of the experiments not working (trust me as a Science teacher it doesn't matter how often you practise things go wrong in experiments) but the actors made a joke of it and the show went on.

Middle man (4) was pleased he saw the show (although was scared at times) and big man (6) sat chuckling at the show. If you have a child that loves science or one that isn't keen but is at secondary school, I would recommend that they see the show. It demonstrates the different types of energy in an engaging way.

Big man was keen to show middle man some of the experiments in the launchpad. Whilst we watched the show little man enjoyed some Science with Daddy.

Whilst we were are the museum we also visited the Flyzone studio.  Here you are able to have your photograph taken on green screen as astronauts, fighter pilots or red arrows. This was good fun, even if my husband and I felt like Mr and Mrs Blobby in our suits.

Here we are visiting the moon.

We had a fantastic day and would like to thank the Science museum for out complimentary tickets to The Energy Show and our photo on the moon.

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