The Calculator

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Calculator

"Ok big man, I think you need to put things into perspective" I said as tears rolled down his eyes.
"Is everyone alive?"
He sniffed and nodded
"Is everyone healthy?"
He wiped away more tears and again nodded.
"Ok then, so it's not the end of the world is it?"
"We can always buy you a new one. It was only a pound from the One Stop Shop."

"But...." he sniffed some more.

Little man was looking mischievous. Afterall it was all his fault. From what my husband tells me, little man quite purposefully and slowly dipped big man's calculator into the swimming pool.

"But, I really wanted to know what 40 plus 40 was."

"Ok it's 80, now lets stop the tears and see if it drys out and works and if not we will buy you a new one when we get home."

And do you know what it dried out and worked. Harder sums were completed and I am amazed by the quality of this £1 calculator!


  1. Oh bless him. It really is the end of the world in their eyes sometimes, isn't it? Glad to know the cheap stuff can withstand the hard treatment!

  2. Let's Talk Mommy22 April 2014 at 21:41

    hahahah bless him, smarty! I love it. Great bargain and went for a swim and still worked bonus. 40 +40 hahahah I couldn't help be snort out loud. #funee

  3. I love that he was doing calculations by the pool. :) #wotsofunee

  4. rebecca beesley22 April 2014 at 22:20

    thats impressive that it worked! Our J reacts really badly to things like that happening to him too - but doesn't seem to care when he is the cause of it - like when he deliberately threw D's harmonica down the (poo-filled) toilet!!!!

  5. Bless him. My youngest is the sort of child who'd dip a calculator purposefully into water. Sometimes they have to remind you they're there because it's been 10 minutes and you might forget them ;)

  6. It's amazing how attached our children get to things we take for granted isn't it? I think Jake is still grieving over a little pirate compass he lost at the school disco. Funny!