Cupcake decorating with Docrafts


Wednesday 2 April 2014

Cupcake decorating with Docrafts

elegant cupcakes

Living in a house of blue, I don't often get the chance to make pretty cakes. However, thanks to these lovely cake cases from Docrafts, I made my Mother in law some pretty cupcakes for Mother's Day. I was sent a elegant cupcake kit and a piping nozzle set.

elegant cupcake kit

I started by baking some cupcakes in the cases provided. These are slightly bigger than usual and are more of a muffin size. I just used a simple recipe of 8oz self raising flour, 8oz caster sugar, 8oz butter, 4 eggs and half a packet of chocolate chips. This made 16 cakes.

cupcakes on rack

I then used some ready made frosting and had a go at piping it. Once I got the hang of it, it was really easy. I think this set is fantastic for someone like myself that likes baking. Obviously you can do far more with it than I have in this post, but I can see it being used lots in the future. The card that comes with the pack is worth holding onto as it shows you what eat nozzle does.

Docrafts piping nozzles

I then added some decorations and finished the cupcakes off by putting them inside the wrappers. This is where my photography doesn't show off the product as well as it should. The wrappers are pearlescent on the outside. I think that they would look beautiful if you are planning a princess tea party and are perfect for any special occassion.

elegant cupcake

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