The Baby Boom


Tuesday 25 March 2014

The Baby Boom

Regular readers will know that I have sometimes created a web of lies, in order to keep my biggest boy little for just a little bit longer. This week on a random conversation in the car, it wasn't so much as a web of lies but more a general rambling about the housing and schooling issues where we live.

"I was really lucky that Father Christmas asked me to help him this year wasn't I Mummy. He had so many toys to make didn't he? He just couldn't do it all by himself could he. It was because of all the extra babies being born wasn't it?"

I can't tell you whether it was me or the elves at Lapland UK that told him this, but as it is a perfectly plausible reason I was running with it.

"It is big man. Infact all those extra children are causing havoc with schooling in the area. You see they are building lots more houses. Those houses will have more children, but there are only just enough school places as it is. They need to build a school too."

"Hmmmnn that's not good. Maybe he will need me to help again next year."

*Ah, better start saving now*  "Ummm yes, maybe"

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