Legoland Hotel Standard Explorer's Room


Monday 10 March 2014

Legoland Hotel Standard Explorer's Room

We are lucky to live near Legoland and visit there often. We also have the added advantage of being able to take up any good deals they have to stay out of season when the park is shut. Last year we stayed in a pirate room and this year for middle man's birthday treat we were explorers.

The standard room sleeps 2 adults and up to 3 children, with the third sleeping on a pull out guest bed. The website states that the adults part of the bedroom is fully themed in the premium rooms, but we are quite happy with the themeing in the standard. In the adult part there was a Lego parrot, Lego dragonfly a map and some ancient Egyptian canvases.

The child's bedroom has has it's own TV, a naughts and crosses style game and a treasure chest guarded by a monkey. There is a short game where you count various objects on the carpet to enable you to get the treasure. (Hint if you have the third bed out you may want to look under it!)

The swimming pool is small but has a splash pool as well as a deeper pool. As the hotel was busy(as the park was shut) it was difficult getting in here on arrival and we were given a time of 6o'clock to go back. This was fine for us and we spent an hour or so playing in the outside playground.

Inside there is a newly refurbished castle that the children can play in and at the top is a room filled with x boxes with Lego games on them.

We ate at the Brick's restaurant which is a self service buffet. Adults are £17.95 and children over 3 are £7.95. This includes soft drinks and you can get an annual pass discount if you hold a Legoland Premium Pass. The food is nice and there are usually Lego paper tablecloths to colour, but they had run out of these and just had some pictures instead.

At 7.30 there was a magic show. This was really good. We weren't sure if the boys would be able to stay awake for this but they managed. It ended up with some dancing and foam being sprayed. Even Mummy and Daddy were singing and dancing to One Direction.

The following morning, breakfast is served from 7-10am. Again it is a buffet with many choices.

We were able to check out via the TV and then go for a swim before heading home.

The boys really enjoy it here, and if they are happy so are we! Big man was very excited in the addition of Lego toiletries this year. Maybe we have a hotel inspector in the making? I have not stayed in a premium room, and I am not sure that you gain much for the extra cost. If you have, let me know, I would love to hear your opinions. We booked the hotel directly which meant we could cancel up to 72hrs in advance as opposed to booking online, I would recommend calling to make sure you are getting the best deal.

The kids will love the whoopee cushion on the way to the swimming pool and you have to wash your hands in the children's sink in the toilets by the restaurant. It makes me smile.

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