Individual Toad in The Holes


Sunday 2 March 2014

Individual Toad in The Holes

You will have to forgive my lack of photos here, but I am currently experiencing technical issues with the camera (aka I have lost the battery charger and have the photo's trapped on internal memory!) I have shared some great egg recipes before. I love my chorizo and scrambled egg bagels and we had these breakfast muffins over Christmas. Another quick and easy recipe and really easy for the children to help make is toad in the hole. I have a pampered chef muffin tray so we make individual ones. We start by putting a chipolata in each muffin hole and putting this in the oven at 220 while we make the Yorkshire pudding batter.

To make the batter, whisk together 250ml of milk with 250ml of plain flour and 3 eggs. Take the sausages out of the oven and add the batter to each muffin hole. Cook for a further 20mins until the Yorkshire puddings have risen. Serve with vegetables and gravy. Yummy!

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