The Bedtime Routine


Thursday 20 February 2014

The Bedtime Routine

When my husband works away, I often feel bad as I make all three children have their bedtime story together. However, a survey by Aquafresh Kids, which asked over 1000 Netmums about their bedtime routine has revealed that modern day parents are reading more frequently to their little ones than when they were kids themselves. Almost three quarters of parents (70%) telling bedtime stories to their children more than five nights per week and half (50%) reading every single night.
In comparison, only a third (37%) of today’s parents were read to at least five nights per week as a child and almost a third (29%) admit they were never read a bedtime story at all. 
In a world of texts and tweets, where speed is key, over one in ten (11%) parents admit to abbreviating popular tales to make them shorter and snappier. 8% claim to cut out unnecessary details in order to finish the story quicker. I must admit that on occassions I have been guilty of this if the book is on the long side. Usually though the boys point out that I have missed a bit!

Whilst mums tend to be the head storyteller in the family, for 26% it’s actually dad who is their child’s favourite bedtime story reader and for 5% it is grandma or grandpa. As Dad is out at work all day in our house, if he is home, he tries to make the story his time and get some time with our boys.

 Despite bedtime stories becoming shorter and snappier, the art of storytelling is still as popular as ever and, as well as telling tales before bed, nine out of ten (90%) UK parents are using stories to distract their little ones during other activities:

-      8% read their little ones tales whilst they’re in the bath

-      3% tell them tales over breakfast

-      2% recite stories when brushing their child’s hair

-      1% tell their children stories during toothbrushing.

Dentist Tina Tanna explains: “Getting your little ones to brush their teeth for the required two minutes, can be a stressful for both of you, so it’s important to make it as fun and engaging as possible. The Aquafresh Kids Little Teeth toothbrushes are designed using fun animal characters to appeal to little ones and using a brushtime story, two minutes in length and fun and snappy in tone, is another great place to start.” This is not something I have thought of doing before, but I think it is a great idea.

Aquafresh kids

Aquafresh Kids kindly sent us some samples of their kids range. I had no idea that they did mouthwash for ages 6+ and big man is very happy with this. Middle man was over the moon with his crocodile toothbrush, especially as I told him it would be great to take on our trip to Butlins due to the crocodile head protective cover.

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