Saving Money in a Relationship


Monday 17 February 2014

Saving Money in a Relationship

People who know me will know that I love a bargain. Most of my weekly shop is made up of half price and BOGOF offers. When my husband proposed to me many years ago, money saving was the last thing on my mind. For some reason I was more concerned if he had asked my Father for my hand in marriage. He had and I said "Of course!" However, it appears that a romantic proposal such as this can also be the route to a bargain. The infographic below shows some of the savings that can be made when you are a couple.

  How being in a relationship can save you money
Be smart with your energy choices: switch now and get a cheap electricity deal! Of course in my case we went on to have three energetic bundles of joy who help us to use our money in other ways. How have you found that you have saved money as a couple?

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