Middle Man Turns 4


Tuesday 11 February 2014

Middle Man Turns 4

The main reason I started blogging was to record the little things in our lives that I would otherwise forget. This time last year I wrote about middle man turning 3. I can hardly believe that I am sat here now, ready to get out his presents for his fourth birthday. I am pleased to say that a year on he has been much more pleasant. Attending preschool from 8.30-3.30 may have something to do with it! We then came home and made a lego fire truck he was given at his party. The hose came off a lot but he played so nicely pretending to rescue a dog.

So middle man what can I tell you about your third year?

Well you are still an early riser, but it is lovely when you come into bed for cuddles each morning. And guess what, tomorrow I will confuse the life out of you by jumping out of bed and singing happy birthday as soon as I hear you get up. We all know that this isn't something Mummy does usually without having had a coffee and a quick scan of facebook!

You still like your cuddles but this year they have to be big as do the kisses.
"That wasn't big enough"
"That wasn't big enough"
"That was!"
It is a fantastic way of getting more kisses and cuddles, but trust me I would ever ration them.

You love TV. A bit too much. It did make me laugh when "Farmer Christmas" said that you were top of his boys that love TV list. I fear next year you may be top of the boys who play lots of Disney Junior games on the computer list.

Your best friend is Finley. This is great. Finley is lovely. There is just one problem. You call all boys with blonde hair Finley. Ben is not called Finley. Neither are the other 8 boys in your class with blonde hair.

I love your imagination and the way that you speak to your Moshlings. It amazes me that if one is missing (because little man has hidden it when you are at school) you notice immediately.

You like red - a lot! 

You are growing into the most amazing person, and I can't wait for some fantastic days out with you before you start school in September. In the words of the book I bought you but can't read you as it makes me cry "I love you to the moon and back" 

Happy Birthday middle man xxx

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