Fun Bathtime with H and A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath


Monday 10 February 2014

Fun Bathtime with H and A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath

Nemo Bubbly Bath

My boys may get themselves covered in mud after running around the park, but luckily they love bathtime. We were sent some H and A Finding Nemo Bubbly Bath to review so we set to running a bath straight away. When it come to child friendly bubble baths, there are a few things I look for as a parent. Does it make good bubbles? Does it smell nice? Does it hurt them if it gets in their eyes? Is middle man allergic to it? Middle man has sensitive skin so we have to be careful with the products we use on him.

The H and A Bubbly bath did well on all accounts. The smell isn't too strong, but is pleasent. Bubbles need a bit of stirring of the bath water to create but that is pretty normal. The bubbly bath is hypoallergenic and middle man was fine with it. I was also really pleased that they didn't get upset if they got the water in their eyes, so top marks for that. I shall now be buying their soft and gentle shampoo to try as it says that it is tear free too and we always seem to manage to get that in their eyes when they wont tip their heads back. The boys were particularly happy that Nemo was on the front as we love all things Disney. With an RRP of £2 for a 300ml bubble bath, I think it is a reasonable price for a newborn or children with sensitive skin.

bubble bath
The Bubbly Bath was Bubbly!

We thought that as we were testing the bubble bath, we would also share with you some of our favourite bathtimes.

Little man is rather obsessed with the TV programme Octonauts at the moment and has some Gups to play with in the bath. What he particularly likes to do is to rescue some sea creatures from icebergs. Or some large ice cubes!

I froze the plastic sea creatures in a silicon mould. It is important to put them in the bath to melt slightly before you let your little one touch them as you don't want them hurting themselves.

toy ice cubes

Another favourite is a disco bath. Lights off, glow sticks and glowing bath toys, even some music. This is by far a favourite with my little men.

Do your little ones like bath-time? Do you have any good ideas for fun baths that you would like to share?

We were given a bottle of Finding Nemo Bubbly bath for the purpose of this review but the opinions contained here are our own. This is also an entry into the competiton to become an H and A Bathtime Fun Squad Ambassador.

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