New Year's Resolutions


Saturday 4 January 2014

New Year's Resolutions

2013 was a great year. A busy year. Filled with memory making. At the beginning of a new year, I think it's a good time to refocus and set some goals


One of middle man's favourite gifts last year was a Pampered Chef dobber. His favourite activity is cracking eggs (unfortunately he will do this whether he needs them for cooking or not.) Big man is very independent and one of his favourite things to do at the moment is bring me breakfast in bed! Yes, I am making the most of this while it lasts. He is also keen to learn to cook. On the basis that my husband tried to "woo" me with a minced meat curry 16 years ago and has hardly cooked since, I think it is my duty to help the boys learn to cook. I am also going to give meal planning a go so that there is less waste and I am less stressed at 5 o'clock every night. I know we are only a few days into 2014 but I have done my first lot of meal planning and so far it is working well. It is nice to know what we are going to eat rather than stare blankly into the cupboards.


We have a lot of stuff. We need to start using the stuff and then getting rid of the stuff. I must not buy anymore stuff until we need it (that is easier said than done!) Today I have sorted a big pile of half used sticker and colouring books and I will start using these up with the boys over the coming weeks. I am hoping that this will also help in my quest to have a more organised house.

Glass half full

I am a terrible worrier. I worry about things that are out of my control and need to have more of a positive attitude. I need to stop getting stressed out every Sunday that the house isn't as clean as I would like, and just enjoy being with my boys instead. I will find this the hardest to do. I must not compare my family to others. I often do this when reading posts or looking at facebook. I see siblings getting on well and I look at mine and they are fighting each other on the carpet! I only post pics of my boys getting on nicely, and that's just what other people are doing, and I need to remember that. My boys are lovely even if they do enjoy bundling each other on the rug.

Learn to use the tripod

I would love some more family photos of us all so I need to learn to use the tripod. I should probably also learn how to use more than one setting on the camera too.

So there are my aims/resolutions for 2014. Hopefully they shouldn't be too hard to keep. Have you got any or do you hate making them?

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