My Quest to be Groovy


Monday 6 January 2014

My Quest to be Groovy

I have never really been described as Groovy, but thanks to Kate on Thin Ice I'm going to give it a go! Last year I struggled a lot with my desire to be a perfect wife, mother and housekeeper. I failed miserably on all accounts as it's bloody hard looking after 3 young boys with a husband that works away much more than I would like. Being groovy is all about getting back to being who you want to be. The only way I can do it is in small steps. I have a massive list of things that I need to do. Last year did teach me a few things though. Firstly I need to exercise to help reduce my stress levels. Secondly I enjoy making things so I should do more of this. I really enjoyed making Santa sacks for the boys out of some off cuts and the boys old clothing.

Santa sack using old sleepsuits

Thirdly I would like a tidier house, and this can be done - it just won't happen overnight.
So in my quest to be groovy again, I will set myself some small targets this week. I will go to the gym 3 times this week (1 down 2 to go!)
I will declutter 2 bags of "stuff."
I will start making the pirate pin board for middle man's room.
I will go on a rare date with my husband and enjoy it being the two of us. Well that's a lie it is his work's party, but it will be us without the boys and we will have a taxi ride home to chat.

If you want to be groovy too - head over to Kate's blog.

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