LEARNing as a Family with Actimel Wellbeing Fund


Monday 13 January 2014

LEARNing as a Family with Actimel Wellbeing Fund

Big man loves Science. I love that he loves Science. In the Summer I took him to the Science Museum in London and he still talks about it now. He was keen to take his brothers there, but as they are smaller and the hustle and bustle of London is a bit too much for them and me, we decided to go to the INTECH Science Centre and Plantarium in Winchester.

Intech Science Centre

It is a hands on Science centre with a variety of activities. We started our day by going to the cardboard rocket chatterbox show. This is a planetarium show that takes a whistlestop tour of the solar system. Big man loved it from the start. We booked the chatterbox showing as it meant that he was able to talk without getting "ssshhhed!" This was a good thing as he was so excited he kept commenting out loud. Middle man also enjoyed this, even though he got a little scared at each planet as he wasn't sure if they would make it back into space from them. The show was ideal for small children and although my husband claimed the screen made him suffer a little space sickeness, the boys really enjoyed the show. The main problem is that they now want to build a cardboard rocket!

Other activities we enjoyed were racing, recycling and pressure experiments.

Experiments at Intech

Big man had a go at wheelchair basketball. He really enjoyed this, but we did have to explain that people in wheelchairs don't choose to be in them because it is fun.

wheelchair basketball

We stood inside a kaleidoscope and saw what it could look like if we were cloned!

standing inside a kaleidoscope

As we visited the centre I thought I had better find out what the family had learned

Big man: Mars is quite windy and dangerous with craters. Jupiter is also very windy and the dot in it is very very windy.

middle man: It is very cold in Pluto as it's so far from the sun.

Little man: Although he is too little to tell me, he loved the wind generator that he could balance a ball on. He may only be 2, but he worked out that if he turned it off the ball would drop. And he liked putting his face in the breeze too. I am undecided if he will become a scientist or a sky diver in years to come. Maybe both.

wind generator

My husband said he learnt that we should recycle more.

I learnt that I should never fly a Airbus A380 into Heathrow as the flight simulator suggested that I may crash it into my Aunts house along with several others!

signs at Intech

We had a lovely time, and big man is already asking to go back and watch other shows. We would like to thank the Actimel Wellbeing trust for funding our trip and encouraging us to LEARN together as a family.

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