Friday, 10 January 2014


Tazzo kor geomag

KOR GEOMAG is a new magnetic construction toy. At the centre is a strong ball magnet. You then arrange the magnetic pieces around the ball to make a larger ball that resembles a death star. You can then get creative, building your own little creature, by adding the green pieces and then the eyes, wings and spikes.

The Tazoo Paco we were given lives in the forest, so you can arrange the plastic pieces to represent a frog/lizard/an animal with spikes.

One thing that I imagine being a problem in the future is that you only have the right number of magnetic pieces to fit around the central magnet. My boys tend to lose things like this so I will have to make sure that everything is packed away nicely so that the pieces don't get lost.

Big man enjoyed playing with it, middle man enjoyed taking it apart! Big man had lots of questions about it coming from a meteorite and had a go at making his own character. He struggled with the idea of it being a 4 layered system. It is aimed at 5+ and he has just turned 6. He wanted to stick the eyes and wings straight into the death star shaped ball. He got there in the end and here is his creation.

kor geomag tazoo paco

The teacher in me couldn't help but quiz big man on the adaptations of the creature he had made. This animal eats mushrooms and small bugs. It is able to fly but also enjoys watching TV on a Saturday.

The Tazoo range is on the expensive side, but it is a well made item that will not easily break. Ideally I think you would need a couple of sets to keep a child's interest. Big man particularly liked the look of the Proteon range, because it looked more like an action figure on the box.

We were given the Tazoo set for the purpose of this review but the opinions contained here are my own.

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  1. Looks great, and I love that he likes to watch TV on Saturdays, that made me laugh! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. I think Ben would really enjoy this!
    Thanks for linking up this week :)