A Lego Car Chase with Carcraft


Friday 31 January 2014

A Lego Car Chase with Carcraft

When I offered to take part in a lego competiton for Carcraft, big man and I had big ideas. We were going to do a short film. Big man had a very long story involving robbers making policemen dizzy and the baddies actually winning. We then had a go at filming. There was a lot of this

and this

So we had a change of plan and here is our comic strip instead.Inspired by a quote from my Dad when someone stole his parking space and he didn't want to swear infront of us. If nothing else the strip shows that you can edit a lot out of photos. I also believe that wizards or it being a dream are very important in all 6 year old or lego stories.

We were given a Lego set for participating in this competition which will be enjoyed lots more.

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