Where do you hide the Christmas presents?


Tuesday 17 December 2013

Where do you hide the Christmas presents?

Where do you hide the Christmas presents?

This is a question my Mum would love to know the answer to. She continued to make us stockings once we had found out about Santa, and would buy things throughout the year. I was with her when she bought a foam snail pencil. Where did she hide it? To this day we still don't know! We are figuring that it somehow found his way into the rubbish bin. Now as a Mum myself I totally understand how she felt, with things hidden all over the place, so the boys can't find them and often me too!

So where does my husband hide his Christmas presents? Usually somewhere where I end up finding them! It doesn't take much effort to wrap a present up quickly and hide it at the bottom of a draw, but he never does this. Generally it is right on the top of one of his drawers and I end up finding it. If he does go to the effort of hiding it he tends to leave the receipt in full view on the chest of drawers. Luckily I am not a person who enjoys surprises!

So where do I hide the presents? Now that would be telling! But with 3 boys it isn't an easy job. Buying things online doesn't help as your recent views are always popping up in adverts. Hopefully I have managed to hide the presents well and there will be 3 surprised faces on Christmas morning.

baby with Christmas presents

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