Two Year Check


Monday 16 December 2013

Two Year Check

A few weeks ago little man turned two so this week I took him for his 2 year check with the health visitor. I must admit I am rather similar to Basil Fawlty when he meets a psychiatrist i  situations like these. I automatically think that a health visitor is going to say I'm a bad mother and take my children away. I know this is a ridiculous irrational fear, but it is one I have. This doesn't help when they ask you simple questions about your child and you look blankly as though you have no idea.

"Can he match things?" "Ummmmm yes I think so."

"Can he climb?" "Yes too well. Actually if I can just go and get him off that table as he seems to want to demonstrate it to you now."

"Can he say too words together?" "Yes he can say Mummy Help! I then had to explain that this is what he shouts in his swimming lessons as he doesn't like being on the woggle by himself."

So after what seemed like a million questions she decided that everything seemed fine. Now just to measure and weigh him.

Easier said than done!

Little man seemed to have a fear of the height tool and ducked everytime it got anywhere near him!

Middle man demonstrated in a hope that it would encourage his brother. It didn't. It just caused middle man to demand a sticker for being really really brave! Ok now for the scales. Great. This is when he decided to demonstrate his jumping skills.

Health Visitors conclusion?

"You are a bit of a pickle aren't you!?!"

Yep she has summed up my little man perfectly.

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