The Gallery: Mornings


Wednesday 4 December 2013

The Gallery: Mornings

I wake at the crack of dawn to the sounds of birds tweeting and jump out of bed excited with what the day will hold. This is what I would like to be like.

I am not.

I am grumpy, tired and can't function without a coffee. Middle man is like this and often bounds onto our bed like a puppy dog.

In an effort to become a happier person in the mornings I have taken up Decembers craze of elf on the shelf. So far, this generally means that before bed I am arranging an elf somewhere. In the morning one of the kids wakes up early, doesn't notice my efforts but still manages to move the elf. They failed to notice his entry into the house. They were too busy trying to mount Rudolph themselves to notice Alex had been riding him.

Today's efforts of magic painting were only seen by middle man before daddy cleared him away for breakfast!

Big man came home from school on Monday informing me our elf would move round the house. I had decided not to say anything about him and just see what the boys thought. I think big man must be pretty upset that his elf has only magically made it to the sideboard (where Daddy moved him too) when his friends elves have been up to so much. So as I go to bed tonight, I am taking a risk. Alex is going to get noticed even if it does bring tears and screams directed at middle man. Alex is hungry and is going for big man's advent calendar. Lets hope tomorrow morning brings some elf magic - or at least gets my efforts to spread magic noticed!

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