Smart Meters Around The World


Friday 13 December 2013

Smart Meters Around The World

We have recently had British Gas smart meters installed. I sometimes wonder if I can really make a difference when it comes to saving energy. After all we are just one of billions of families. Will we really make a difference? However, if we all make small changes then a bigger difference can be made, so I continue with trying to be as green as I can. I must admit I thought that the UK would be right at the top of energy saving in Europe but was surprised to hear that 94% of households in Italy have smart meters installed. You can read about my smart meter journey here. My boys are now showing an interest in the smart meter too which is fantastic as they are the next generation. If they start learning about energy saving now hopefully this will continue in the future. Even better is that it helps us save money too.

Conservative forecasts estimate that between 90 and 130 million meters will be installed worldwide every year until 2022 with the initiatives underway around the world. Closer to home, London is on course to save 219m through the smart meter revolution. If you are an existing British Gas customer, you can register for your free smart meter here. If you are looking for more information about them, then why not have a quick look at the video below.

What changes are you making to help save energy? Are you committing any saving energy sins?

We were already British Gas customers so a smart meter was installed free of charge, but I have been compensated for this post to raise awareness of their scheme.

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