Nano B toothbrush


Sunday 29 December 2013

Nano B toothbrush

Recently I was sent a years supply of Nano B toothrushes to review. As you may have worked out by now, I like trying out new products. I immediately loved the design, with them coming in their own test tubes. (I love Science too!)

The Nano B website states that they are the only manual toothbrushes to kill 99.9% of bacteria due to them containing nano sized particles of gold or silver.

A twin pack is currently on offer on their website for £11.99

In the new year I will be booking a dentist appointment. It will be interesting to see what he says about my gums. I am usually told that I need to see the hygienist and told to floss. My gums do sometimes bleed, but so far this has been much less since starting using the Nano B. I am also looking forward to trialing the gold brush as this is meant to reduce staining on the teeth. I will update you on how I get on in the new year.

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