Holiday Memories #MarkWarnerMum


Wednesday 4 December 2013

Holiday Memories #MarkWarnerMum

Hardly a visit from my parents goes by without a reference to one of our family holidays.

"Remember the time when Sara ate a hot hog that was as big as she was?"

"Remember Dad ordering drinks in France "Coke? Coke? Deux Cokes""

"Remember the days spent playing in the swimming pool."

The list goes on. That is because family holidays are memories in the making. Time when you can forget about everything for a week or two and enjoy the company of each other doing new and exciting things.

I must admit that since having children I often think about the holidays I had before they came along. I used to love to go skiing. Although my I insistence on not going too fast meant I was shattered by the end of day one, as I had zig zagged across the slopes so much.

skiing in tremblant
Please note this is not a black run. I would not be smiling and my husband would not be in a position to take a photo!

I will never forget my husband reading the map wrong and ending up on a black run instead of red. Apparently it is also important to take a photograph of your wife if she falls over before you help her up!

fallen over on the slopes
This isn't a black run either. I just accidentally went off piste into a huge pile of snow!

I also long for warm holidays where I can see and do new things. I have enjoyed scuba diving on the great barrier reef and my husband has even turned his hand at sailing in Antigua. Best of all I got to swim with a dolphin called Zeus. All of these things are hard to combine with children in tow.

What I need to find is a company that provides childcare that my children will want to go to and activities that will suit everyone in the family. That is why I am applying to be a #MarkWarnerMum. I had heard of Mark Warner before, but had never really known much about them until I started blogging and reading the posts by the Mark Warner Activity Bloggers. With three little men I certainly need to keep them active to ensure a peaceful nights sleep!

On an average day there is lots of activity going on in rain, shine and snow.

Our holiday memories this year have included cycling, swimming and a magical time in Paris. This year has been filled with making memories and as it come to an end I hope that 2014 will be filled with active memories too.

holiday photos

What are your holiday memories? How do you like to spend this special time. Are you a thrill seeker or would you rather relax on a lounger?

This is my entry to become a #MarkWarnerMum

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