Elf on the shelf: Harmless fun or messing with minds?


Monday 16 December 2013

Elf on the shelf: Harmless fun or messing with minds?

This year I decided to join the whole elf on the shelf craze. I have since been questioning whether it is fun, or if I am playing with big man's head. When I asked big man if he had made the Santa which was sitting by our elf he said yes. I know this was a lie as I had made the Santa. I couldn't tell big man that, so I congratulated him on what a great Santa it was. Then he looked at me and said "Well I think I made it, I can't remember" That is when I felt bad. I was messing with his head. He can't remember what he's done at school and now thinks he's making foam Santa's in his sleep! However, he seemed happy with finding our elf every morning so I have continued.
Then this morning I hear him shouting "Mummy, Mummy quick! Look at this! He has climbed the tree!"
"How did he get there I wonder?" I said.

The problem? I left him here deciding which Christmas CD to make.

I have come to the decision that one of 2 things has happened. Either our elf really is magic and does move around the house at night, or big man is playing me too! Tonight I shall go to bed and wake up really wondering where that elf has gone!


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