Draw with me: Christmas


Tuesday 10 December 2013

Draw with me: Christmas

After forgetting to publish my post in time last month I have promised big man that I would take a photo of his drawing and post it on time this December.

Christmas is on it's way and most of all big man is continuing to worry if Santa's elves are able to make the Supergrafix he has asked for. I have assured him that if worse comes to the worse and they can't make it they will be allowed to purchase it from Argos!

As he now thinks he is an artist, I think he will be very happy on Christmas Day and even more happy to take part in Sonia's linky. So here is big man's Christmas picture:

One of Santa's elves making a robot.
I absolutely love his happy elf! And I think the elves will like it too and give him the drawing gift he wants for Christmas (even if they did go to Argos to get it!)

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