A Perfect Christmas Day


Saturday 7 December 2013

A Perfect Christmas Day

Christmas Day in our house usually goes something like this:

5.30 Boys wake up excited that Father Christmas has been and filled their stockings.

5.35 Little man is so excited by his satsuma that he eats it with the peel on.

5.45 Our bed is covered in wrapping paper and stocking presents slung to the side with shouts of wanting to see if there are presents downstairs.

6.45 Big man has undone all his presents and is wanting to undo middle man and little man's presents.

7.30 Middle man is still playing with the first toy he opened, much to the annoyance of big man.

7.45 All three boys have consumed all the chocolate coins in their stockings.

8.00 Breakfast is not really eaten due to the earlier consumption of chocolate coins.

8.30 Daddy gets his toolbox out to try and fit batteries into new toys.

9.00 Daddy finally manages to get into the packaging of one toy and undo the battery compartment only to realise we don't have the correct batteries.

9.30 Search desperately for a shop open on Christmas day so we can buy correct batteries and whatever Mummy has forgotten for Christmas Dinner.

10.00 Everyone is tired so the TV goes on for a Christmas film.

12.00 Children are hungry and Mummy realises that she should have started dinner earlier. More chocolate is consumed.

1.00 Christmas dinner is served. Children push turkey around the plate with random remarks of "Why did you cook this?"

1.30 Strangely the children's appetite returns when pudding is served.

14.00 Middle man opens another present! Big man opens one of middle man's to "help" him.

14.30 Play with new toys.

17.30 Put out a buffet of cold meats even though everyone is still full from lunch and can't eat anything.

18.59 Middle man finally opens all his presents.

19.00 Children go to bed and adults watch one the the boys DVD's that they got for Christmas.

Now you could say that I would want the opposite of this as my perfect Christmas, but having thought about it, I wouldn't change it for the world. This is my imperfect family, but it is my perfect Christmas.

Merry Christmas! This post is my entry into the Tots100/Argos 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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