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Sunday 24 November 2013

Draw with me

Last month I got big man joining in with This Mummy Loves Draw with Me linky. Although he was slightly disappointed that his bricks weren't a winner he was happy to draw a picture again this month as he thought that little man would like the Gruffalo themed prize if he won. This is big man through and through, always thinking of others.

I have to admit I have been rather a rubbish Mummy this month as I may have been too eager to tidy away (in the recycling) his lovely toy pictures. I think this is version 3 - oooppppss! Anyway here is big man's toy picture. I found it quite strange that he insisted on drawing traditional toys rather than the toys he actually plays with. I have always thought Jack in the boxes are a little scary and if I opened big man's one I think I would let out a shriek! I am pleased to see that he is still insisting on the labeling - even if the spelling isn't quite there yet.

Oh the rubbish Mum status gets worse. I have now gone to link up to see that the competition closed yesterday not 28th like I had in my head. Might leave that piece of information out when big man asks who wins......

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  1. What a lovely drawing! Please make sure he knows that winners are picked out of a hat and it is not judged on his drawing skills. Hopefully he will be lucky soon :) Make sure you keep an eye out for the bumper Christmas edition! Entry time will be shorter but more prizes so make sure you check the dates xx

  2. Louise Fairweather25 November 2013 at 21:06

    Ah I didn't realise - that should keep him trying for a bit longer lol! I will be photoing the pic on my phone this time as soon as he does it!


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