The Last Emperor and Genetically Modified Tomatoes

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Last Emperor and Genetically Modified Tomatoes

These are actually two separate, stories on yesterdays school run. I hate mornings. I have never liked them much and having 3 kids to get dressed and stay dressed and dropping off at 2 different places before 9am is too much for me some days. Yesterday was one of those day. Just before we were due to leave, middle man had undressed himself to go to the toilet. Why he cant just pull his trousers down is beyond me! Then little man was being a terror. He has never really watched in the night garden, but yesterday morning he decided he NEEDED to wear his iggle piggle dressing gown.

All day!

Now before kids I always used to wonder why people let their kids go out dressed as spiderman. I now know why! Yes, yesterday I took little man to school drop off and pick up looking like this!

So where does the genetically modified tomatoes reference come in? Well on the way to school, big man had a number of questions about the Disney character Stitch. You see he is real because so is Mickey Mouse. But big man has watched the film and wanted to know if he was an alien and how he was created.

I panicked.

My on the spot answer was that he was genetically modified (I am not sure from what) and then gave big man a talk on GM tomatoes.  I think if nothing else he has learnt about qualities of a good tomato. Let's hope that tomorrows car question is less taxing!


  1. Or, it could just lead him to wonder about the contents of his spaghetti bolognese. Then you're really stuck!

  2. Haha I love it! I also wondered why people let their kids go out dressed up in weird clothes and I definitely understand now. Princess quite often goes out dressed as either Minnie Mouse, a princess completely with tiara and wand and most recenty, in her pyjamas! Sometimes it's just not worth the battle!

    1. My "friend" has now given me an igglepiggle onsie for him. I may be cursing her tomorrow morning!

  3. I also choose my battles, spending the day with Spider-Man is preferable to a tantrum :) I'm just waiting for the next question you get about tomatoes, or aliens for that matter!