My Top Tips for Disneyland Paris

Friday, 4 October 2013

My Top Tips for Disneyland Paris

The magic kingdom

1. Get to the park early. If you are staying at one of the Disney Hotels you can use your magic hours to do a few rides before anyone else (these are restricted though.) The park starts getting busier at around 11. If you want to ride Crush's Coaster then get to the Walt Disney studios at 9.30 and go straight there to minimize the queuing time as much as possible. (When we stayed it advertised the Studios at opening at 10 but they opened at 9.30)

2. Food is expensive. If you can take lunch/drinks/snacks in with you then do. When we went this September it cost us 44 euros for 3 adult chicken nugget meals. Evening meals are again expensive. You are looking at around 30 euros per person and 15 euros per child. We have used the half board plus meal plans and found them to help with the cost (sometimes they are included with the Disney Hotel bookings.) The buffet restaurants are best if you have a child under 3 as you can easily get your little one something to eat. Otherwise it seems to the the waiters digression on whether they get food or not. Make sure you reserve all tables to make sure you get the time you want.

3. Avoid the weekends and holidays as much as possible. Obviously with school aged children this is hard. However, if you can use an inset day then you might find it quieter. Don't forget that the French school holidays may be different and will have an effect.

4. Book to go to Cafe Mickey if you want to see the characters. Although you can meet and greet the characters in the park, they are usually mobbed by loads of people (Unfortunately it's the adults that seem to be the worst at queuing to see them!) Cafe Mickey is character dining in the Disney Village and here Mickey and his friends will come and say hi and let you take photos without having to push and shove.

Cafe Mickey with Minnie

5. Enjoy the shows. There are lots of shows to see in Walt Disney Studios. Just make sure that you find out the times of the English showings as you walk in.

6. My favorite rides for smaller children are: Buzz Lightyear's Laser Quest, The Madhatter's Tea Cup's, the Carousel, It's a small world and the Dumbo ride (always big queues for that one though.) In the Walt Disney studios, the slinky dog ride, cars ride, Animagic and Playhouse Disney shows are all good for younger ones.

7. If you want to see the parades get there early to get a space. You need to be on Main Street about half an hour before the parade. At the Walt Disney Studios, about 10 minutes will be fine if it is reasonably quiet.

Lilo and Stitch parade

8. Get an autograph book before you enter the park. The best type are the ones that hold photos too, but they were out of stock when we last went. They all have their own signatures and there is nothing better than watching Pluto rest his autograph book on his nose in order to write you his name. If you want to see Pinocchio, Jungle book characters, Princesses, the Madhatter and Alice or Jack Sparrow then go to the main park. At Walt Disney Studios you will fine the Toy Story characters, Aladdin, the Incredibles and Ratatouille to name but a few.

9. Although the Buffalo Bill's Dinner Show looks expensive at first glance, it is a fun experience and not that much extra from a meal. I will be writing a review soon. My boys loved it and the fact you got to keep your cowboy hat was even better. We didn't pay for little man as only 1 but this did mean I had him on my lap which isn't that comfortable.

Buffalo Bills Dinner Show

10. Enjoy! Disney is truly magical if you let yourself become a kid again. I love it and the thing I love most about Paris is that it is only a few hours away.

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  1. Some great tips!! Getting to places early is essential x