Time to face the facts


Tuesday 3 September 2013

Time to face the facts

When I started writing my blog, this was baby man.

He was a baby. (In my opinion a very cute one!)

Now he is anything but! (Well he is still very cute, just not a baby!) Although he will always be my baby, he is now a walking, talking toddler excited by life and longing to be like his big brothers. Another mischief maker in the making to keep me on my toes.

So for 2 reasons I have decided to rename him. Firstly and most obviously baby man is not a baby he is a little man. Secondly, I made the mistake of Googling the term baby man. Don't do it! There are images there that I don't want to associate with my gorgeous boy. So from now on he will be referred to as little man.
Same gorgeous little boy just rebranded. And as I still manage to call Starburst, Opal fruits sometimes, apologies if I sometimes get his name wrong!


  1. What adorable photos! He does look very grown up now :)

  2. Aw he's gorgeous - looks very like you :) I did lol at the 'baby man' on the Internet!

    1. You wouldn't be laughing if you had googled it! xx

  3. He really is cute (not just you) - how quickly they grow! x


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