The Magic Is Fading


Tuesday 17 September 2013

The Magic Is Fading

It was inevitable.

Big man is nearly 6.

We didn't want to lie to him, but we didn't want him to know the truth either. He's not silly but he wants to believe.

At Disneyland it was clear that he was questioning the characters. He never actually asked as such. Just questions like is Stitch alive? "Well you saw him in the parade didn't you, so he wasn't dead a few hours ago?" I said calmly. But I caught him looking at Pluto's tail and I know he was wondering about pulling it off! So for now he is left wondering about Disney and I hope it will be the same about Santa.

Last week however, my husband went and ruined everything. We were discussing the Justin Fletcher app, and he asked big man how old he thought Justin was.

"Ummmmmm 18?"

My husband took offence at this on the basis that big man had recently told a neighbour that his Daddy was 95! Big man then asked his Daddy how old he thought Mr Tumble was.

"Well he's the same age as Justin isn't he? He's the same person!"

Big man was in shock. Confusion swept across his face. "But they look different?"

We felt it was time to tell him the truth. "He has a red nose big man, other than that they look the same...."

I joked with big man that he hadn't worked it out and explained a bit about TV trickery. Then I went the full hog.

"I'm going to tell you something now that may shock you....

.....He's Aunt Polly too!"

So that's it. The magic is fading. Big man knows Justin Fletcher is an actor. To be honest he is quite a clever child and I find it funny it has taken this long! I am now hoping that he will appreciate my honesty over this and therefore believe anything I say about a big jolly man in red. Of course this year we are meeting the real Santa. I totally believe this, therefore I have no issues with telling big man the same. I believe in Santa, do you?

Wot So Funee?


  1. Aw, bless! We're clinging on here... The Tooth Fairy is the latest - she has visited us four times now, and I hope my (7yo) son believes, but I wouldn't be surprised to discover that he has worked out he might not get the money if he doesn't believe...! #wotsofunee

  2. Ha ha ha .... that made me giggle. You just have to let them down gently don't you. How will he get his head around Justin Fletcher being several characters at once? x.

  3. its so hard to know how to reply to those questions isn't it! We get a lot of questions about Santa and the toothfairy. When they say 'mummy' is santa - I just say, "do I look like santa!"

  4. Oh god totally! And so does GG, and she is 9! I did have to come clean about the Easter Bunny though ;)

  5. Oh god totally! And so does GG, and she is 9! I did have to come clean about the Easter Bunny though ;)

  6. Ha ha, this really did make me laugh - you told it so well! Shame when we have to break the magic isn't it? It'll be the tooth fairy next :(

  7. But Grandad Tumble is much older, isn't he, and Cool Tumble is probably a bit younger *in denial*


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