My Favourite Time Of Year


Thursday 12 September 2013

My Favourite Time Of Year

pumpkin lantens

When I was little, we didn't celebrate Halloween. No one did really. I remember going to my friends one year when I was about 15 and having a cake with green icing and bobbing for apples and being quite shocked that they did anything. However, things change and now Halloween is my favourite time of the year. I say time, as it generally occurs over half term, so we have a week full of themed activities. So I need to get my thinking hat on and arrange some things for us to do. I have had a look online and there as some lovely children's halloween costumes, and I really think big man needs to be something other than a devil. He has been the same one three years in a row!

As for games, there will most definitely be the flour game. Basically you fill a tub with flour, turn it upside down making a flour castle and stick a piece of chocolate in the middle. You then cut away at the flour. When the flour castle collapses, the "loser" has to eat the chocolate by picking it up with only their mouth. 
I am pleased to say that big man is most definitely my son as you know that he is willing for the castle to fall just so he can get some chocolate!

vampire covered in flour

Apple bobbing is also a firm favourite, but much harder than I thought it would be!

apple bobbing

And of course the best thing about Halloween is that I don't need to worry about dusting my house or clearing away cobwebs from about this week onwards! (Don't worry Mum I am only joking!)

I am now off to spend far too much time browsing the boards of Pintrest for some crafty ideas for decorating the house. I am sure you will hear more from me on our Halloween preparations in the coming weeks!

Halloween cake

This post is in collaboration with Alex and Alexa. 

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  1. Super halloween decor there, I love it too, especially carving pumpkins! xx


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