DC Superfriends Magazine Review

Thursday, 19 September 2013

DC Superfriends Magazine Review

DC Superfriends magazine

Middle man was excited to receive the new DC Superfriends magazine to review. Although he doesn't yet know all the characters, he was immediately asking questions about them.

Each issue comes with a free toy and I thought the communicator toy that comes with this issue of the magazine is surprisingly well made. They have cogs that turn and there is a card with two characters on for each phone that can be swopped around. Middle man did manage to break the antennae off of one of them by sitting on it, but this is nothing that a bit of super glue cant fix.

cool communicator
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The magazine contains a range of activities including spot the difference, colouring and a story. I was a little disappointed that were no stickers in this issue as they are always a firm favourite with my boys. However, middle man was very excited to see a Batman mask and I was instructed to make it for him. It turned out he didn't like it over his eyes but was happy wearing over his head.

batman mask

The magazine is aimed at boys aged 2-5 years and is aimed at stimulating their imagination activities centering around good role models. Some of the activities were a little on the hard side for middle man (aged 3) but his brother who is 5 will be able to do them instead. I am pretty sure that any little batman fans out there will love this magazine. There is some advertising of the latest Superhero toys in the magazine and middle man has decided he would like them for Christmas, so just be warned.

On the basis that the cool communicators are of a reasonable quality, I think that the retail price of £2.99 is fair, and it will certainly fill a few hours on a wet and windy afternoon. The DC Superfriends Magazine went on sale today and offer good discounts to subscribers.

We were given a copy of the magazine for the purpose of the review but the opinions are my own.

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