A Big (Top) Night In


Thursday 19 September 2013

A Big (Top) Night In

Having three small men in the house means that nights out are few and far between so we have fun at home instead. The boys are more than happy dancing to their favourite tunes with the disco ball on and a few glo sticks and party poppers. 

But what if we could really splash out? Little Stuff and Two Little Fleas have challenged bloggers to come up with how they would spend £750 on a big night in. So what would we do......

"Roll up, roll up it's a circus night with all the fun of the fair.
We'd invite our favourite clown with his wild and crazy hair

We could have experts teaching circus skills like juggling and tightrope
As the picture underneath this shows my husband would need some help!

For tea we would have hot dogs with ketchup on the top
Some yummy pink Candyfloss and lots of corn to pop.

With games like hook a duck, we would have so much fun
This is what I would like to do, if we were lucky and I won."

This is my entry to the Blogger's Big Night In with Two Little Fleas


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