The Gallery - Pets

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Gallery - Pets

This weeks Gallery theme is pets.

We don't have any pets as such. Although we briefly had our caterpillars.

painted lady caterpillars

They were loved very much and big man was distraught when the butterflies were set free.

painted lady butterfly

Actually I tell I lie we do have one more pet. Patterly. A dog. Here he is doing doggie paddle.

boy swimming

Middle man still insists on pretending to be a dog once in a while. Sometimes he puts a belt round his hand, pretending its a lead. When in character he refuses to answer to his real name. I can tell you now that I felt pretty stupid yelling "Patterly" when we were at the beach earlier this summer. He often reverts to being a dog when he is doing something a little bit naughty. I don't know why, but he perceives that he will get told off less if he is a dog. On a recent trip to the park, Patterly went into the paddling pool fully clothed. He then bounded up to me saying "Woof, I wet, I cold!" Yes he is a very clever dog that can speak too! So for now, we will not be getting any pets as Patterly is a handful. Maybe just some more caterpillars next year.

What pets do you have? Are they hard to look after? Do you have a child that is obsessed with being an animal?

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  1. It's been a while since we had "SamCat" around, however we have begun to get visits from his younger brother (no cat name for him yet but I expect it won't be long!) :-)

    Actually thinking about it we had a whole menagerie for a while - SamBat, SamRat, SamDog, SamSquirrel...

  2. Those are fab, I'm waiting on our caterpillars arriving. Love that cake. x

  3. I am a butterfly freak so I think I might need to get us some of those Caterpillars :-)

  4. The caterpillars look fab. My daughter likes to pretend to be a cat!