National Showcaves Centre for Wales

Saturday, 10 August 2013

National Showcaves Centre for Wales

On our recent trip to Swansea we went to visit the national showcaves centre for Wales. My husband and |I had visited before we had had children, and it had changed quite a bit. For a start there were dinosaurs everywhere! Big man had just been learning about these at school and he was very happy to see these. Middle man made friends with a stegosaurus that he pretended to feed.

There are 3 caves you can visit.

Dan-yr-ogof cave is the main one. Middle man claimed he was scared, big man cold. But we had a good walk round and by the end big man was happy with the idea of stalagmites and stalactites.

The Bone Cave is a very small cave that you need to wear a hard hat for the steep climb up to it. It isn't really worth the walk, but the children enjoyed wearing the hats!

The Cathedral cave is beautiful and you can even get married there! Although I imagine your wedding dress would be ruined and you could only invite a few guests as the wedding area is small. There is lots of water and I would have loved to show you some photographs. Unfortunately, possibly due to all the water, middle man decided he needed the toilet, so we had to make a quick exit!

One of the downsides of the park was that there was only one set of toilets located in the cafe. If you went here then you had to re enter the park, which was time consuming. 

There is also a shire horse centre and farm. This was really disappointing as it was really run down compared to when we first visited. My husband reported that the playbarn was quite good though. They went there whilst I collected the car in a huge rain shower!

We had a nice time and it was certainly a nice way of getting out and about when the weather was unsettled. Having spent 5 years living in Swansea, I can tell you that the weather is unsettled there most of the time.


  1. When the weather is unsettled you just have to commit to getting out and making the best of it! It certainly looked like an interesting place to visit with the caves, animals and play barn. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Looks like you all seized the moment and got great weather. I like the look of that site. Must be an amazing place to visit kids and see it through there eyes.