Get Good Summer Update


Monday 5 August 2013

Get Good Summer Update

My Get Good Summer list is not going to well!

1. Lose half a stone. 

No progress as yet, but I have some Zaggora HotPants to review, so hopefully that will give me a push to try harder.

2. Read a book

No progress. But I did read through a couple of trashy magazines, which I never have time to do normally and have not caught up on some celebrity gossip.

3. Do some little DIY jobs

Bad, bad one for me to put down. Instead of finishing the little things, I have started bigger ones. I got annoyed with the kitchen tiles and have now pulled half of them up. Now I have a bigger job to finish.

4. Learn to make Mojito's

Completed week one!

5. Do some arts and crafts.

No progress - I will finish my piggy bank next week..... I hope!


  1. Hi,
    Totally know what you mean about the DIY tasks - we always have at least 3 on the go! Here's to a better week :)
    Rachel x

  2. Keep going! One step at a time! You still have four weeks to go... Looking forward to seeing the piggy bank! Thanks for linking up with #GetGoodSummer


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