Budget Bucket List


Thursday 1 August 2013

Budget Bucket List

So I have a summer bucket list for myself, and one for the kids, but what about a more long term one? MoneySupermarket have challenged bloggers to come up with two bucket list entries one extravagant and one budget.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I had a dream. It turns out that building your own igloo is tiring and hard work. My blow your budget bucket list item is therefore to stay in the ice hotel.

Someone else would have done all the hard work! I would love to see the Northern lights and have a go on a snowmobile  (in James Bond style!) Whilst I'm there I would also love to have a huskie dog ride. I would just need to overcome my fear of huskies first!

My budget bucket list item is somewhat more affordable. However, it does cost money so I am currently waiting for big man to read the first story before I book tickets for us to go. I am a massive Harry Potter fan. I am slightly disappointed that I am a muggle and my dream job is definitely to be a teacher in Hogwarts. I would love to visit Warner Bros. Studio Tours in Watford. It could go one of two ways. Either I could realise that it is just a film but enjoy looking at all the props, or  I could become even more obsessed with the magical world of Harry Potter. I did take wand lessons at BritMums rather seriously!

I also managed to keep my cool when Hedwig gave me an evil look!

So what is on your bucket list? Are there budget ones that you just haven't got round to doing yet?

This is my entry to the MoneySupermarket Budget Bucket List competition and I was tagged by The Beesley Buzz. I am tagging these bloggers. Sorry there is only a day left so you will need to be quick.

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