Summer Bucket List


Saturday 20 July 2013

Summer Bucket List

Last year I was terrified about the long holidays with three little ones to entertain. I wrote a bucket list and the holiday flew by so fast we didn't even get to finish it. So I have decided to write another one to help focus me. The biggest thing I learnt from last year, is that the boys don't need or want a million expensive days out. It is their break and they are happy playing with their toys and getting out in the garden and park. It is also handy for me as unless my husband is around (which he isn't that much as he needs to work) I can't easily take them on days out unless I know the place well. So here is our list - which involves a lot of cooking as it kills 2 birds with 1 stone.

1. Space Day. This is top of Big man's list. Mainly because it involves rocket launching and eating freeze dried ice cream.
2. Dinosaur day - to include making 3D dinosaur cookies
3. Make pancakes with our pancake maker - a device you wouldn't think you needed until you have one!
4. Go strawberry picking and make ice cream.
5. Gruffalo Day - I have an activity book that has masks and things to colour and recipes to make
6. Go on a Gruffalo hunt
7. Make a sandcastle with flags (middle man especially wants to do this)
8. Hug a giant mouse (so so so excited about this and keeping it as a surprise to the boys)
9. Home Cinema afternoon - DVD, popcorn and meat free hot dogs
10. Go swimming - has to be done with Hubby
11. Go to the caves - all being well we are off to Wales
12. Go to Wellington Country Park
13. Go to Dinton pastures
14. Go to California country park
15. Go to Lockley Farm
16. Go to Legoland but only to watch the shows!
17. Do some fire experiments.....this one is from big man on the basis I let him light a match earlier. I am sure we can find a safe fire experiment - will have to get my thinking cap on!
18. Do some more experiments - big man again on this one - luckily he has a box full of stuff to do
19. Decorate Gingerbread men
20. Have a water balloon fight (already did this today but had so much fun I have now ordered 1000 water balloons!
21. Go on a Gromit trail
22. Toast marshmallows
23. Make something from some big cardboard boxes
24. Make smoothies
25. Make ice lollies
26. Make and decorate cup cakes
27. Make pizzas
28. Have a chocolate fondue
29. Make a big car park out of a card board box
30. Roll down the hills in the park
31. Fly a kite
32. Have a sports day
33. Have a snail race
34. Go body boarding - highly dependant on the weather in Swansea!
35. Walk down Mumbles and have an ice cream at Verdis
36. Go Geocaching
37. Get the sleeping bags out of the loft so they can play with them in their pop up tent.

So this is my list that will be chopped and changed as I feel fit. Have you got any more good ideas of things to add?


  1. I love reading bucket lists. Yours look fab. I hope you manage to complete lots of things you want to :)

  2. so is the giant mouse a disney shaped one? are you heading to the US? exciting!

    1. No only Paris - but still exciting. I love Disney!

  3. What a great idea, a great way to focus and remember what you want to do during the summer break..Thanks for sharing might do one with my boys xxx...lots of amazing things to do hope you get through them all. x


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