Phota Your Mota

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Phota Your Mota

When I found out  I was expecting baby man, I knew I needed a bigger car. Three little men and all the things that go with equals the need for a larger family car. Parking sensors were a must, and after a few tears on how I was ever going to drive something that size, we finally purchased our S Max.

I have grown to love him. He is big enough to fit the boys in, without feeling too big. Parking isn't as horrendous as I thought as he beeps at me to let me know where I am. In the winter I like him even more, thanks to his heated windscreen.

He isn't the car of my dreams, but he is practical and I love him.

So what is the car of my dreams? The one I got married in.

Big man often asks why they don't make a convertible S-max. Well it just wouldn't be the same would it? I love my S-max but I dream of a mini convertible. Maybe one day I will live the dream, but for now I am more than happy with my 3 men in "Max."

This blog post  is my entry into's Phota Your Mota competition.  I would like to tag the following bloggers who may wish to take part:

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  1. wow - what a cool car to get married in! xxx

  2. Very cool :)