I don't like babies!


Tuesday 23 July 2013

I don't like babies!

Big man was so excited about the birth of middle man. He loved to feel middle man kick him (or me move my tummy so he thought he did) and was the perfect loving brother from the start. Middle man did not show the same interest in my tummy when baby man was inside. The age gap was slightly smaller, but he showed no interest at all. We wondered if he really understood what was going on.

Baby man was a planned Cesarean section. We wanted the boys to meet their brother as soon as they were able to. Big man came in first and was all smiles. He was very excited to be a big brother again and wanted to cuddle baby man as he was "so cute." Middle man came up to visit too but hadn't been that keen on walking so came up a few minutes after his brother. His reaction was slightly different. He wasn't interested in seeing me. Would you like to meet your baby brother I asked?

"No no no no no no!" he shouted as he ran round in circles and then out of the ward. My Mum went chasing after him and apparently he was more at ease looking at other peoples babies rather than one of his own!

Now middle man is three, I had hoped that his dislike for babies may have changed. No such luck. He didn't want to visit his nephew a few months ago and was only talked into it by the thought of there being cake and a party bag. A couple of weeks ago when I told him he was going to a Christening he exclaimed "But I don't like babies!" Again he was talked round with the talk of cake!

His opinion towards baby man is slowly changing. There  are sometimes slight glimmers of them getting along until baby man has a toy that middle man perceives as his. I like to believe that there was some love in the comment "No baby man, you are a big fat baby!" when he was annoyed with him stealing his leaflet at the doctors surgery this week.

One day I hope that middle man will grow to at least like babies. He certainly has a lot of love that he shows towards his Mickey, Donald and Petey Bear. Maybe one day he could show some to baby man too.

With the lovely news of William and Kate last night, how will we celebrate the arrival of the new Prince? I think I had better get baking!


  1. Oh dear, at least he's honest! All my kids were pleased with their new siblings and were happy with them as babies. It's now they're older they're not always so keen!

  2. Bless him. Meg had mixed feelings towards Eli as I recall, she kept asking when we were sending him back! They *generally* get along now though...

    Fingers crossed Middle Man will eventually come round to the idea of babies ;o)

  3. Ahhh I bet if someone jokes about taking baby man home he will leap to baby mans defence :)

    1. Yep he woe figh to the death. He doesn't want him but no one else will have him either!

  4. Oh dear. But to be fair, babies are actually quite dull - you're not allowed to pick them up, and they're smelly!

  5. that is cute! I'm sure he will change his mind one day. x


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