Get Good Summer week 2

Monday, 15 July 2013

Get Good Summer week 2

Two weeks ago I wrote my Get Good Summer post. A bucket list of 5 things you want to achieve over the summer. So how am I doing? Not that great! Here is a quick update.

1. Lose half a stone.

I have made it to Bowkwa and 2 swims at the gym, but no weight lost.

2. Read a book

No progress. Infact I don't even know where the book is.

3. Do some little DIY jobs

Not a great week for DIY but I have made a start on organising big man's room.

4. Learn to make Mojito's

Once again, this is the task that has captured my attention. If you haven't seen my Mojito Chicken Skewers recipe, I recommend you click on the photo, as it tastes really good. I am now thinking of having a go at Mojito ice lollies.

5. Do some arts and crafts.

Hmmmmm been playing with the new lens on our camera if that counts?

So that is my update for Get Good Summer week 2. Conclusion - must try harder!


  1. Better than me Louise, I've not even started on any of mine yet! I intend to get started once the summer hols are here so will join in then :)

  2. I'm with Suzanne... You can tackle them properly in the hols. Don't beat yourself up, the whole point is you take it slow and achieve them in little bite size pieces. Thanks so much for hooking up!