#KidsGrowWild Challenge


Wednesday 19 June 2013

#KidsGrowWild Challenge

As I have mentioned before, big man is really into his gardening. He views it as a science and that is his favourite subject.

Earlier this year, I wrote about his gardening plans, and here is our latest update.

1. Update Operation Bumble Bee

bee attracting flowers

This hasn't gone quite to plan. Both pots of his "bee attracting" flowers have grown, but only one has flowered. However, I have yet to see a bumble bee on it. Unfortunately the bumble bees have once again got confused and have opted to live in our loft rather than big man's bumble bee house. Luckily he doesn't care. He hasn't noticed that the bees haven't been on his pot of flowers and is happy that some woodlice have moved into his bee building.

2. Operation Sunflower

measuring a sunflower

We will never be able to hold our heads high in front of Grandad again. Some rather greedy slugs feasted on the majority of the sunflowers present and  we are left with this rather weedy and unhealthy looking one. Big man measured it at 40cm and I am not sure if it will make it much further.

3. Operation Courgette

Another failure. I don't know what has happened but if big man manages to each a vegetable from his crop it  will be amazing. For some reason they really aren't taking off and here is a radish he picked. "It's not big enough yet is it Mummy?"

a baby radish

So with all these operations at near failure, when he received his gardening set from Britmums/Moneysupermarket for the #KidsGrowWild Challenge, we decided that we would start another operation

Operation weeding and planting poppys.

The gardening gloves were an immediate hit. And big man seemed to enjoy weeding much more than me. So already I class this operation as a partial success! He particularly liked this sticky weed!

a sticky weed

And here he is doing his own little part of the flower bed ready to plant his poppy seeds.

boy gardening

Only time will tell whether we manage to actually grow something half decent this year. Does it matter? No. Big man loves being outside digging, weeding and planting. He is proud of his efforts and is even more happy if he finds the odd mini-beast along the way. I am also pretty certain that he will even try one of the radishes by the end of the summer even if they don't grow much more.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge sponsored by Moneysupermarket.com  We received a children's gardening set for entering.


  1. Oh dear, but at least you're having a tremendous amount of fun. My dad always ran a sunflower growing competition for me and my brothers. The result was always dismal but we enjoyed it.

  2. Love how you call the tasks operations. Hard work and fun combined. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  3. Meg loves digging up weeds too, think she just likes being let loose with a spade actually. Good luck growing your seeds, last year we didn't successfully grow anything either, in fact, we bought a special house for our tomatoes and within an hour of us planting the seeds the whole thing had been flattened by the wind!! Oops :-)


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