Burghly Gardens


Friday 7 June 2013

Burghly Gardens

Looking for something to keep the kids entertained on the way home from visiting my parents, we decided to stop off at Burghly Gardens in Stamford. It was a beautiful afternoon and once middle man had finished having the mother of all tantrums (due to tiredness and general over excitement of seeing Nanny and Grandad) we had a beautiful afternoon. The garden of surprises and sculpture garden are beautiful and well worth the entrance fee on a sunny day. The garden of surprises has lots of water jets/waterfalls and the children can play in these providing they are wearing swimwear and footwear (so Crocs or flip flops are a must - I didn't read the signs properly on the latter, but we still had fun.)

We spent 3 hours there in total and could have happily done a couple more. Next time we will take Daddy to visit and explore further. Middle man was particularly cute with his analysis of the art.

Here is the "field of giant ice creams"

And here is "big paint brush"

Step aside Tracey Emin, middle man is here to take the world of art by storm!


  1. ooh fab - I really really really want to visit Stamford and go to Burghley House, but Richard just will not go. Sounds fab.

    1. Take him on a mystery tour! It's lovely the house is meant to be nice and Stamford looked beautiful x

  2. Burghley is lovely, bit expensive but lovely. Stamford is a very nice town for people with money but still nice for peeps like me!


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