Chill Factor Slushy Cup Review

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chill Factor Slushy Cup Review

Chill Factor Slushy Cup

I thought twice about reviewing the chill factor slushy cup. At £12.99 I thought it would be a totally waste of money that didn't work, and that I would need to find a polite way of saying that in my review. Then I thought about how much I had wanted a Mr Frosty when I was young, and therefore big man would love it no matter how much I hated it. (OK there may have also been a suggestion that it could be used for cocktails too!)

So have I changed my mind about the Chill Factor cup? Well it is on the pricey side as each person needs their own cup, but that aside, it is great! You pop it in the freezer for around 4 hours, fill with a cold drink and squeeze til you have a slush. You can put fruit juice, milkshakes, coffee or cocktails in it.

orange juice slush

Baby man had a try of an orange juice one whilst his brothers were at school. After the initial shock that it was cold, he loved it. I made a baileys and chocolate milkshake one for the hubbie to try, he conceded that it was "pretty cool."

boy drinking slush

So, if you are like me and love a slush on a hot day, always wanted a Mr Frosty, but don't want the mess that is made by such a product, then the Chill Factor is a fun gadget that makes you feel like a kid again. The boys will be able to make a nice cold slush at home without loads of sugar or colouring.

*** I thought I should update this post saying that I have since bought my boys a cup each and two of my friends children the cup for their birthdays. ***

I was given a chill factor slushy cup for the purpose of this review, but the opinions contained here are my own.


  1. It does look a bit pricey but looks like it does the trick - and definitely looks like its being enjoyed! :)

  2. Am i doing it wrong neither of mine are working ?