Our Dream Bathroom


Sunday 21 April 2013

Our Dream Bathroom

When we moved into our house 6 years ago, our bathroom needed replacing. To be honest, it needed replacing 6 years before that! It is a dated grey suite with cracked grey tiles, crying out for some TLC.
I long for a bathroom that I can go in to wind down and relax in, rather than getting wound up over all the things that need doing to it.

So what kind of bathroom does my family dream of?

Here is big man's description of his perfect bathroom:

Unusual, yes, but you could certainly class it as a dream bathroom! I am not sure how many yellow suites there are on the market at the moment, let alone any that are shapped like ships. I think he really wants a small splash pool zone in our 3x2m bathroom.

Middle man is not enjoying his baths as much as he used to. He is currently distressed by the thought of his beloved bath squirters (or "friends") being sucked down the plug hole. He screams and shouts at mere thought thats the water is going to be emptied. He immediately throws himself belly first over the plug hole and gathers his bath squiters together shouting "I'll save you guys!" He currently favours a shower, which doesn't seem to hold this fear. A shower over the bath would be his first choice in planning his perfect bathroom.

Baby man is easy to please. A big bath to put all his toys in and out of, again and again.

So that is all my little boys ideas, but how about my big one? My husband favours a bath with a big powerful shower, large heated towel rail and a clean and shiney tiled floor.


Well my requirements are simple. I want a white suite rather than the 20 year old grey one. I want a bath without gaffer tape holding it together. I want white tiles without cracks. A nice warm soak without any of my little men walking in for a chat or throwing bath toys at me. I would love to walk in there and feel like I am walking into a spa. Soft spotlights from the ceiling, candles, bubbles..... yes now I am dreaming.

Looking at the range from Bathshop321 this Galaxia Showerbath Suite would suit us all. There isn't a pirate ship in sight, but big man would be happy if we upgraded to a 6 jet whirpool system. It would certainly fulfil one of our dreams.

This is my entry to the Tots100/Bathshop321 competition

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  1. looks lovely - we are about to have our bathroom done but need to decide what to have first!


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