Nature Paint Review


Sunday 21 April 2013

Nature Paint Review

nature paint

Decorating with three little men around is never easy.When I saw that Nature Paint were looking for people to review their paint, I thought it was a great way to make me do some decorating. Their paint is VOC free which means there aren't any nasty chemicals for you to breathe in. As I had decided that it was my bedroom that needed painting, and we don't have a spare room, this was a big plus. I ignored that fact that it was a mix your own paint and headed to the website to look at colours. We had already painted the end wall a duck egg blue a year or so ago, so I decided to go for a pale cream camellia.

When I told my friends about my plans, you could tell that they were thinking that I had gone slightly crazy by offering to mix my own paint. To be honest when it was sent through, I did doubt my own sanity. However, with my pampered chef batter bowl at the ready, I set to mixing my paint.

mixing nature paint

Although you could whisk it by hand, the electric mixer was definately worthwhile. After mixing, the paint needs to be left half an hour before painting. I found that it covered well and was just as easy to use as a tin of standard emulsion. There was no strong smell so sleeping in the room was not a problem.

Here you can see the colour card that I stuck onto the freshly painted wall. I think the sticker matches the paint really well. You can of course order tester packets to try if you aren't sure what it will look like.

camelia colour card

The main downside of the paint is that it takes time to mix it, and as it contains no preservatives, it needs using within 3 days. You therefore want to know that you have the time to do it when you mix up the paint, and if it is a large room, then you have a lot of mixing to do. You also don't have a spare pot to reach for if you put up a shelf or curtain pole at a later date and need a little extra paint to touch up a spot.

Having said that I was pleasently surprised at how easy it was to mix the paint and really liked the fact that there was no smell. I would certainly consider using it for painting the boy's bedrooms. For more information on Nature Paints, you can view their range here.

I was given two packets of camellia paint powder for the purpose of this review but the opinions contained here are my own.

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