Lucky Dip

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Lucky Dip

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I was slightly obsessed with hunting for my car keys this weekend. They had been missing since Tuesday and I couldn't find them anywhere. I hate to say my husband is right, but he is. He tells me to hang them up, but when the kids are kicking off because they are hungry/tired/just want to wind me up, more often than not they get chucked on the sofa or stairs.

This is how desperate I was to find them:

1. I checked inside all of our Mr Potato heads to see if they were in there.
2. I checked in the freezer
3. I looked in the weebles tree house
4. I went through the sandpit seeing if pirate middle man had buried them as treasure.
5.I asked twitter where to look - no new ideas, but a lot of people seem to leave them in the door.
6. I asked baby man where they were. He smiled and bought these.

Toy car keys

Then he bought me a packet of Quavers!?!
7. When I had retraced my steps for the 17th time, I finally found them in a box I had already looked in 5 times. But it was a big box and full of these!

packaging material

Yep the kids had created their own lucky dip for me. Maybe now I have learnt my lesson.


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  1. Try again with this comment lol!! I love this post....i am forever losing my car keys, i have them separate from my door keys (do you?) which i'm not sure is helpful or not. I'm always grabbing the spare set and constantly worry that ill lose those before i put them back! Funny where your kids hid, i mean, put yours by mistake!! Such a good job you didn't throw that box away! :) xx

  2. Oh my goodness, what a nightmare. Talk about a needle in a haystack! I usually use my car key because I don't put it in the specific part of my bag perfectly designed for keeping keys in. I keep losing my house keys too - was convinced husband had walked off with them (wouldn't be the first time), but they were loose in the pocket I'd forgotten I had worn five days previously!

  3. Noooooo! Disaster! I once spent half an hour searching for my keys before discovering that hubs had locked them in the garage by mistake!! Bane of my life!

  4. Ha! Last time I 'lost' mine, my son had hidden them behind the curtains!

  5. Oh no what a disaster. Drives me nuts when they do that. I now have them on a key holder way out of the reach of little hands x