Monday 22 April 2013


The sun has got his hat on hip hip hip horay! *sings excitedly*
At last we have had a day of sun and we were straight out into the garden. Big man has three main gardening projects on the go.

1. Operation Bumble Bee.

Last year we had some extremely confused bumble bees. So confused, they didn't use the bumble bee house we have in our garden, they built a nest in our roof. This is surprising as they usually build nests at ground level. We have therefore decided that in an effort to attract bees into this house we shall plant some "bee seeds." I don't think it will make a bee colony live there, especially as big man keeps putting snails in there, but it is a project none the less. At the very least we should have a couple of pots of pretty wild flowers in a few weeks time.

bee house and flowers

2. Operation Sunflower

This is a competition. And it's serious. We HAVE to beat Grandad! So far we have three small sunflowers. Middle man dropped his on the floor and had to start again so he is behind, but tomorrows task is to measure the shoots and find a very sunny spot in the garden to plant them. I am thinking that somewhere near operation bumble bee is going to work well.


3. Operation Courgette

Big man is a fussy eater. I am hoping that by growing his own veg, it may tempt him into trying new foods. We have planted beetroot, onions, carrots to name but a few. If I can get big man to have the smallest taste of a home grown courgette, then this operation will be classed as a sucess.

vegetable seeds

Being out in the garden growing plants with the boys has been lots of fun. The best part though?
Walking into the conservatory to find big and middle man reading Superworm to their very own one.

Reading superworm to a worm

No worms were hurt in the writing of this post, just read to and placed back in the garden to continue doing amazing things.

This is my entry to the Tots100/Center Parcs April Challenge

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